Educoe is a place where children belong, identities evolve, skills emerge, risk taking is encouraged, memories are made, difference is celebrated, potential is discovered, challenges are overcome, experiences are meaningful and the natural environment is a partner.

An early childhood education and care service that builds children’s futures, not just for a few years, but for a lifetime.

Childhood is a time to be,
to seek and make meaning
of the world.

All children have the right
to an education

— United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

There are two gifts we should give our children.
One is roots, and other is wings.

Our relationship-based approach supports children’s need for connection. Secure attachments foster security, which gives children the freedom and confidence to go and explore their world, always knowing there is someone safe and responsive for them to return to.

frequently asked questions

What makes the team at Educoe special?

At Educoe, the educators lead with passion. It is their passion that drives their commitment to achieving the very best quality of care for all children. That is not just limited to the children in our community – they are advocates for all children, and the rights of every child. They always have the child at the centre of everything they do.

What is ‘consistent care’ and why is it important?

We value consistent care, and know that this can only be achieved when our teaching team is stable. We invest in our educators by supporting them to engage in further study, and creating opportunities for them to enhance their professional knowledge and expertise. Qualifications matter, but they are not the sole measure of a quality team.

What’s the difference between Educoe, and a Preschool?

Educoe is a Preschool that offers the added benefit of longer hours and extended weeks of operation throughout the year. We are open during the school holidays, only closing for 2 weeks over Christmas.

How do we keep you informed along the way?

At Educoe, you will be involved in your child’s journey right from the beginning. Your child’s Primary Caregiver will have meaningful conversations with you, about your child’s interests and experiences at Educoe. We also keep you informed through:

  • Informal conversations
  • Formal meetings
  • Floorbooks (big books that document and track learning), and
  • Individual story books, which tell your child’s story
  • Storypark for Families

Storypark for Families – What is this?

At Educoe, we use an online communication portal known as Storypark. Storypark is one of many ways we will document your child’s learning.

My child has a special health need. How will Educoe support them?

We will support you by:

  • Ensuring all staff are well informed about your child’s health needs
  • Undertaking special training that may be needed to help care for your child
  • Developing clear procedures for managing your child’s allergy or other heath need
  • Sharing information with you about your child’s care and experiences at Educoe

You can support us with this by:

  • Explaining your child’s health need before you enrol them, and ensuring we are kept informed as your child’s health needs change
  • Provide contact details of any health professionals working with your child, as well as reports and supportive documentation that will help us to better support your child
  • Working in partnership with us to develop individual care plans for your child
  • Keeping us informed along the way.

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How do I book a tour of Educoe?

Tours are run weekly. Simply contact us or register your interest via our online enquiry form

What else do I need to know?

Rest assured, during the initial stage of enrolment, you will be supported by the Educational Leader of Educoe to gain a better understanding of what is to come.