Your Ultimate Guide From Preschool To “Big School”

Written by Educoe

Transitioning from preschool to primary school is an exciting milestone for any young learner — and their parents! 

To ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important for your child to develop a strong foundation before making the leap to school. Here at Educoe, we take a holistic approach to learning that aims to equip children with the personal, social and emotional skills they need to thrive in the years ahead. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few key things you can do to help your child prepare for the transition to school as they enter the next chapter of life.

  1. Encourage independence and responsibility

Developing a sense of independence is a gradual process that typically starts to manifest during toddlerhood. As a parent, there are many ways to support your child’s development as they learn to explore the world on their own terms. For example, encouraging your child to get dressed on their own, go to the bathroom unassisted and tidy up their toys after playing can help foster confidence and autonomy – wonderful skills for navigating their new learning environment. 

  1. Practise mindful listening

At school, children are expected to be able to listen to both their teacher and their classmates without interrupting. To help your child develop strong listening skills, read with them on a regular basis and ask questions about the story to encourage active listening. Similarly, you can encourage mindful listening by sitting with your child, listening to the world around you – the rustle of trees, the growl of car engines, the chirping of birds – and discussing the sounds you each heard. 

  1. Focus on social skills

School is an amazing place for making new friends. Children who have attended childcare and preschool will already have developed robust social skills from learning and playing alongside others. Encourage your child to take the initiative and talk to other children at school, the playground or the park, and set up playdates so your child has the opportunity to socialise in a one-on-one environment and forge deeper connections with their playmates. 

  1. Foster a love for learning

We’re firm believers that children are natural learners. Academic success doesn’t come from rigid studying – instead, it comes from cultivating a love for learning that spans from infancy into their school years and beyond. Fan the flames of curiosity by encouraging your child to ask questions and giving them the tools to explore their unique interests. Whether you point out the shapes of buildings, discuss colours of plants or talk about letterbox numbers, many fundamental learning skills can be developed by simply inviting your child to actively participate in daily life. 

  1. Be enthusiastic about school

Your choice of language and tone of voice can have a big influence on your child’s perception of school. With this in mind, try to always be enthusiastic about school and talk positively about the activities, experiences and future friends that lie ahead. Transitioning to school is a big change, but framing it in a positive light can go a long way towards alleviating nerves and helping your child feel prepared and relaxed. 

Preparing for the transition from preschool to primary school 

Educoe offers a supportive learning environment where children can learn and grow. With an emphasis on mutual respect, authentic communication and learning naturally, we help each and every child unlock their innate ability for self-discovery and develop a lifelong love for learning. 

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